Update from TI

11:17 | 16 juli 2014 | Akke

Hey all! This is a quite late update since I’ve actually have had a lot of spare time the past days but I’ve tried to mostly think about other stuff then that we actually are out of this TI already. But I must say though that I’ve taken it fairly well. I really hoped we would get into the top 8 but if you look at our recent results the past months I’m not that surprised that we didn’t. With that said I do feel like we could have and should have gotten top 8 but small mistakes and things makes the difference.

So since we got eliminated we have basically just been chilling here. Been at the pool a bit, just walking around and socializing or playing pubs at the practice computers that are here. Been at a sushi place very close to here that is called “Blue sushi” or something that I think is very nice. It’s kinda like a tradition to go there since I’ve been there every time since TI2 now :).

Tomorrow it’s time for us to switch hotel to one that is closer to the arena. We are gonna go on a tour at Valve’s office as well so I guess we’ll see if something changed from last year :).