In Germany!

00:32 | 27 juni 2014 | Akke

Hello! First of all I’m very happy to say that I’m gonna start to blog here on a regular basis – will aim to do it at least twice a week. Secondly, we just arrived in Germany for the ESL-One tournament!

The trip here was probably the most pleasant trip of all trips we have done. The reason for that is that we only had to take one flight to get to the final destination which felt incredibly easy! No waiting in Amsterdam like 6 hours just to get to Ukraine or something, just one short flight and that’s it :). It feels pretty weird to be here and play though since we (and probably every other team) has their eyes on TI4 which we actually are leaving for in the end of next week. Doesn’t feel like it’s so close at all, it actually feels like we just won TI3, but apparently that was like 10 months ago… :D But with that said we will do everything we can (except lvl 1 Roshan and stuff like that since they don’t have any sound proof booths… or will we?) to win! That the prize pool of TI4 is so big doesn’t mean that the other tournaments doesn’t count, it’s still pretty much money in the first place here as well but it’s very easy to forget that. I try to remind myself once in a while that when I played in SK-Gaming in 2007 (or was it 2006?), and we won a Dreamhack tournament, our team won like 800 dollars to split and I was super happy. But this tournament has a single elimination format and there is a lot of good teams here so we will see how it goes :).